The Childlike Woman

 Once upon a time there was a woman who insisted on looking at the world like a child.

    She refused to take politics seriously, for it all seemed to repeat itself in circles no matter who was in charge. She cared very little for money. When she saw someone hungry, she remembered what it was like to be hungry herself and gave her food away. If someone was unkind, she told them so. If someone was very kind, she told them that, too. She ran when she had somewhere to be, and when she found herself tired, she lay down to sleep. Play was a serious business, and a thing she called 'work.' And if something didn't go her way, well, she held her body tightly with her fists clenched while her heart beat fiercely, held her breath and closed her ears until it passed.

    She was quite annoying to some people.

    But when she died, there was no doubt about it: she had truly lived.

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