The Wind & the Wall

 The wind swept up the hill and through the trees and swirled about. It ran down into the town and brushed around skirts, tousled hair, and danced merrily through the flower beds. 

    The wind was wanting to have a very jolly time.

    But when the wind hit a large wall separating the town, it stopped.

    How could it have fun with a wall?

    It was stoppered, flummoxed, bamboozled. 

    And yet, there must be something delightful to do with a wall.

    The wind thought. And thought. And thought some more, one tendril of air upon a wisp of wind-chin.

    And then it had it.

    A game.

    One that needed a gust, a blow, a forceful gale.

    The next second, the wall came tumbling down.

    And as the wind whooshed away with gleeful joy, no one found they missed the wall at all.

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