On the Funniness of Love

 Once upon a time a girl ran away.

    There were lots of reasons for this. And there were lots of reasons people thought she had run away. Their reasons had to do with wilfulness, disrespect, a constant need for attention. It was easy for them to think this way; it was how they had always thought of girls of her sort. It was a sort for which they had never cared. It was a sort they did not allow.

    But her reasons were simple: she knew that she was unloved and she was brave enough to know that she was worth loving. And so she sought it out.

    It was hard at first. Being loved is a tricky thing to let in, if you haven't had it before, like enjoying snow on your neck or savory ice cream. But determination covers a lot of ills, and this girl had it in spades. And so she gave herself an allowance made of love until she let others return the favor.

    One day she went back to where she had started. Of course, she was loved then. So the rest of it didn't matter. It had all faded away.

    Love can be funny that way. If it's allowed.

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