A Difference of Interests

There once was a dragon who knew how to fly
She dove and she spun and she danced through the sky
But it dawned on her once, how little she knew
of anything other than how best she flew.

What else, might you ask, would a dragon need know?
Well, of the dark wild under, with its tides and its flows.
Water, of course, was this dragon's dark spot
And touch it she absolutely would not.

Until one fine day, she emerged from her cave
to frolic in windstorms that happened her way
And a sight to behold lay below her and said,
Who are you who keeps flying over my head?

What the dragon saw then startled her out of flight
For a face mirrored hers in the sun's early light
But it was not anywhere close to the air
No, this face was definitely far, far down there.

Down there in the water, all moving about
So far that the face not quite hers had to shout.
Down the flying dragon went, until their snouts almost met
and asked, how are you not drowned in that wet?

I might ask you, said the one in the water
How do you stay aloft with no sign of a totter?
But I won't ask you that, for it seems to me
That both of us each have our own way to be.

That's fine by me, said the flyer with a grin,
and laughed at the thought that a dragon could swim.
Then she shrugged, and leaped into the strong, gusting wind
But it was not the last that she saw of her friend.

While each had their fun in either water or air,
They each often met to discuss how they fared.
And that was the start of some joyful, rich days
Filled with strangeness and laughter from two different ways.

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