The Consequences of an Enchanted Rebellion

When you went into the enchanted wood, you hoped you might happen upon a wild revelry. And indeed you did, for you had planned well—to set your foot upon the wood at the stroke of midnight on the night of a new moon. It was when the trees glowed with an enchanted light, that you knew you would succeed.

    But you did not factor in the sacrifice.

    That to see the revels was to live a thousand years, and to live beyond that if your captors wished it.

    You did not think that you would need to dance every night of those a thousand years, trapped in the everlasting dance that makes a forest so enchanted.

    Thus, you broke the spell, with a heave and a wish and the Fae you convinced to lead an epic battle against convention.

    You changed the world of fairy lore, and the path between worlds.

    And now, the rest of us can only dream, for that is the only path you left. Which is probably for the better.

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