To Slip Between Realities

 There was once a path that led from one reality to the next. One would find it in a pit in the ground or a hole in a tree or a strange whirling pool in the midst of a river. And if one was very careful, one could slip in and out of one reality and into the next with grace.

    But that grace was hard to come by, for the realities were starkly different, and the key to slipping through gently and with poise necessitated a strength of character and an iron will.

    Too often, those who sought to tread the paths confused strength of character and iron wills for demanding, unyielding personhood, and when that happened, to slip between realities was never grace, and only filled with despair.

    But those who understood that strength of character was brought about by kindness and an iron will by a gentle spirit found the grace in the slipping.

     For only those who fill themselves with kind gentleness can handle the fantastical nature of other realms.

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