The Shy Rabbit and the Little Fox

 Once upon a time there was a small rabbit who was very shy. A lot of other little rabbits she knew would spend a lot of time together, hopping around and chatting about all the thoughts they had on their minds. But our little shy rabbit could never bring herself to share her thoughts, or hop about in a large flurry of bunnies. She preferred to hop under the spring flowers, stare up at their petals, and think all her thoughts on the inside.

    One day, she hopped to the place she liked to look up and think under the best, but it was already occupied.

    A small fox was lying on his back looking up at the flower petals just like the rabbit liked to do.

    At first, the shy rabbit was a bit angry that someone would take her spot. But then she thought that maybe the fox was just like her, and like to keep his thoughts on the inside.

    Summoning all her courage, the small rabbit made her way over to a place very near the little fox and plopped down next to him.

    And so they lay there, looking up at the flower petals thinking their own thoughts together.

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