The Wind Knew Kindness

 One day the wind swept up a little boy in her arms and let her see the whole world.

    'Why is there so much fighting?' the little boy asked when he saw the people engaged in battle here and there about the surface of the earth, kicking up dust and sadness with their weapons.

    'I don't know,' said the wind.

    'Why do people take things they don't need?' the little boy tried again, as he witnessed people carrying jewel stones, and noted that they offered neither bread nor warmth.

    'I don't know,' said the wind.

    'Why is that man giving that little girl the coat from his back?' the boy tried a third time as he saw an old man with a scraggly beard doing just that for a child who shivered.

    'Ah, that I know,' said the wind. 'It's kindness.

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