James and Rock

There was once a little boy named James who had an imaginary friend he called Rock. James and Rock went everywhere and did everything together. One day, James was playing in his front garden when he looked about him and realized that Rock wasn't anywhere to be seen. James hunted high and low, in all their favorite places, until he wandered along a path in the woods that ran beside a little stream and something made him look up.

    There was Rock.

    Curled up beside the stream.

    And no longer invisible.

    For Rock had wished very hard to become real.

    James was delighted, but Rock wasn't so sure. Being visible, Rock felt, was a very hard thing. Rock was used to having no substance at all, and now that there was this body to deal with, Rock noticed that there was a lot of pressure that came along with realness. It was a hard thing to bear. 

    But then James picked up Rock in an enormous hug, and gave Rock a kiss.

    And then, Rock's mind changed, for suddenly it seemed a very wonderful thing to be real.

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