Robin, Toad and the Mountain of Gold

 When Robin and Toad found the winding path that suddenly appeared in the wood, they had to follow it, for it was too compelling. It was as though it was wound with a magic spell that made them desperate to know where it led. And so, they hopped and flew along its way for a very long time until they came to a mountain of gold.

    'I'd like just a bit of it,' said Robin, cocking her head thoughtfully as she took in the gleaming, laden piles.

    'I'd like a bit more than that,' said Toad, his tongue flicking this way and that as he surveyed the shiny, glistening treasure.

    'I'd like the whole thing!' they both exclaimed at once.

    Each could feel their heart beat quicken as they thought about how they could keep all the gold for themselves, when suddenly the mountain disappeared.

    For a moment, Robin and Toad's hearts sank deep into their bellies.

    Then Robin shook her feathers, and Toad jiggled his skin. They took a deep breath. All at once they felt very glad the mountain of gold had disappeared, and they made their way home along the path, each grateful that their friendship was so much better and longer lasting than gold.

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