The Bored Little Girl and the Fairies

 There was once a bored little girl. In fact, she was so very bored, she could think of nothing to do at all.

    She set her chin on her hands, and stared glumly into the world from her front porch.

    Then she moved onto the grass and continued to stare morosely.

    Next she meandered into the gardens, and looked about with utmost boredom into the flowers.

    Suddenly her eyebrow twitched.

    Her eyes narrowed.

    Then they opened wide.

    Surely it couldn't be...

    But it was...

    The dancing fairies.

    All at once she was as far from bored as she had ever been. She watched the fairies all afternoon. 

    And that, my friends, is what can happen to even you, if you grow bored enough.

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