The Fireflies and the Fae

 When the roads narrowed into paths, then turned into sparse woods that led to a meadow, the world seemed to grow closer to the sky. It was there that the fireflies came in the dead of night and danced. They danced for their own sake, showing off to no one. And they danced because they had to, a striking bond they had made with the fairies that they would come to light the Fae revels a few times a year. Yes, indeed, below the fireflies lay dancing fairies, and they were up to no good.

            They were, you see, luring. Luring remote passersby with their music and their tinkling laughs. They wanted whoever they could trap and take all the thoughts from those they kidnapped and leave them raw and gaping and forgetful.

            It was done cruelly, and mostly for laughs.

            But the fairies forgot about the fireflies.

            The fireflies had a power, a casting glow that let the memories taken from the kidnapped be only those which they wanted gone. And in this way, they tricked the fairies and got much more joy from their bargain than the Fae, sending the kidnapped away happy.

            So, if you meet a happy person, think this: Fae revels have made them glad.

            And if you meet a firefly, tip your hat, for you never know if you will be drawn to the fairies next.

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