Where to Find Magic

 A little boy sat on the edge of a cliff face with his small hand tucked under his chin, and sighed. He sighed because he had come to believe that all the magic had gone out of the world.

    It was the way that everything felt a bit flat, as though the grownups who taught him seemed to have lost their interest in their subjects, as though the other grownups around him had grown weary of telling him unique things, as though no one looked around to try and see the magic themselves.

    And if grownups couldn't see magic, then it figured that it must have gone away.

    But the boy had a book tucked under his arm.

    He thought that perhaps there might just be a hint of magic left over somewhere between its pages for it was a book of fairy tales.

    Suddenly a wind swept up, and a ship approached. 

    The boy smiled. He blinked and boarded the ship, which then set sail all over the world, sailing the wind and rain until the clouds had let out all the water that they had stored up.

     When the ship docked near the cliff face, the boy stepped off and tucked the book of fairy tales under his arm again. He smiled. It turned out he knew just where to find the world's magic when he needed it.

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