The Garden Hole

There is a little garden. In the garden there also happens to be a hole. And this particular hole is infinite.

    It goes down, down, down forever.

    Well, at least that is how I imagine it in my head when I look down into it and squeeze my eyes so that they are nearly shut. I imagine that if I were to fall in, I would never stop falling—for the stories of little girls who fall into holes and have magical adventures seem to marvelous to be true.

    Naturally, I cannot resist.

    I don't fall into the hole, so much as jump.

    And down, down, down I go.

    Though not forever, as it happens.

    I'm in the middle of a magical adventure, you see. 

    And when it is all done with, and the wicked queen is vanquished, I'm sure I'll find all the time in the world to tell you everything about it.

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