The Monster

The monster that lived on the suspect side of the Enchanted Forest wasn't as scary as people supposed. Sure, there were the mutilated corpses, the bodies of which decayed outside her front doorstep. Too, there was the fact that she put her pointedly sharp teeth to use by razing nearby villages. And, yes, she did refrain from bathing at all costs, which made the smell something more than putrid.

But she had been going through some things.

She was single, again. Which was fine, because he had become a very large dinner.

Her siblings refused to talk to her. Which was fine, because their success in life, and her mother's constant praise of their virtues, just made her feel morbid.

And she hadn't been sleeping nights. Which was fine, because nights were a good time to raze villages.

Except that none of it was fine.

There was something about the corpses that made her feel off. Something about the screaming plights of the villagers that made her think something wasn't quite right. 

When a knight on a white horse charged at her with a spear for about the thousandth time, it dawned on her that maybe she was the problem.

As she chewed the knight, the thought took hold of her. It was very possible, if ever so slightly, that she could be at fault. There was something about all the things happening in her life that needed to be righted. Some great fix. Some grand gesture.

So, after careful thought, she went home and planted a garden. 

As she ate a squealing snack, she looked around at her handiwork.

Yep, she thought, that about fixes things.

And, you know, it was a very nice garden.

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