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The Witch Performs A Curse.

(Miles and the Glowpus Part IV)

         The witch’s house was very unwitchlike—at least, that was what Miles always thought whenever he had occasion to visit.Stories made him think that a witch’s home should be rather more in shambles, than quaint and put together.Too, it should be, he thought, covered in chicken’s feet as opposed to warm wood, and smelling of things most unpleasant, rather than the uplifting scent of cinnamon, dried herbs, and the occasional whiff of sweet smelling flowers.The witch’s unwitchly display was made complete by the fact that she happened to serve the most delicious tea in the whole of the Enchanted Forest.
Rarely, however, did she serve tea in the middle of the night, for also unlike the witches of tales who stirred foul brews into the wee dark hours, she spent her nights asleep.It was a rather groggy woman who answered the door to three fearful faces, who all proceeded to speak at once. ‘Slow down,’ she said gently, her soft melodic voice casting a purely …

A Witch is Needed...

(Part III of Miles and the Glowpus)

‘We need to do something!’ Jill cried after Miles had relayed his conversation with the stranger at the door.
‘Yes, definitely,’ said Jack with a firm resolution at exactly the same moment Miles said, ‘I agree.’ ‘But where do we start?’ continued Miles.‘We don’t have any evidence, and even if we did, how do we stop him?’ The reality of fact descended on all three of them, as Jill and Jack said ‘hmmm’ in a melancholy way.They remained in a state of frustrated musing for a bit until Jill’s head popped up. ‘I bet the witch would take care of him,’ she said.‘This is just the type of fellow that she’d love to bewitch.’ ‘There’s a thought,’ said Jack.‘The whole Forest knows she doesn’t get nearly enough villains to practice her spells, and she won’t do a spell unless its on a villain.’ ‘But we’d have to give her evidence,’ said Miles rationally. ‘Well,’ said Jill with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, ‘I guess that means we’ve got some stalking to do…’ * ** It was …

Miles Meets a Stranger...

(Part II of Miles and the Glowpus)           
            Miles coughed gruffly, and tried to look with keen severity at the golden creature nuzzling his palm.  But it wasn't long before his face softened, and then began to glow with anticipation.

Miles Turns About

(Part I of Miles and the Glowpus)

            If rain was a predisposition to having a fit of the grumps, sun was the opposite.  And for Miles, the presence of the yellow orb doing its duty by pouring glorious rays down upon the ground was deuced annoying.  How was one to enjoy a carefully crafted melancholy surrounded by warm, bright light?  The only thing that could make it worse were if a gang of cheerful persons intent on spreading their joy found their way to him.