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The Whole Wide of Everything (in brief...)

              Sitting on a bench, Jane could see the whole wide of everything.  It started with the fields that waved at her, tall grassed blowing gold in a soft breeze.  Next came the trees that hedged the field in, tall and stately, dappled green.  After that rolled the hills that went on and on; until they stopped.  For next came the horizon, revealing the rounding of the earth, sloping to reach the sky.  The sky turned bluish black and out came the light of the stars, beckoning her to dance among them.  And among them and beyond lay space and... well, that was all there was, really.  But, sitting as she did, a bit cold in the night air, it felt like an awful lot.

The Symphony of the Morning Stars

            Once upon a time, a symphony arose.  It came every day, and careful souls would still and watch and listen, for it was glorious.  There are none left who remember, for we have forgotten it, and there are no more careful souls to hear.  But it might have gone like this...             A blink.             A small, sweet blink that lights the sky, so soft and quiet that only the most careful could stir to the sound—and they are all asleep.             A moment passes, and then a sister brightens in reply.             A third chimes in, and then a forth.   And slowly the sky begins to fill.   They are tentative at first.   A note here, another there, as though there is a wee babe that they are scared of waking.   The eyes of the careful souls, awake now, jump in delight from one side of the sky to the other to try and catch the space between the sounds.             The notes twinkle, readily now, across the huge expanse, their sounds flickering about like the drips

Emily and the Sprite

              Emily thought, as she lay in the grass with her hands behind her head, that summer days were glorious.  Taking in the sweet air, and chewing on a grass straw, she reveled in the delight of doing nothing.  And that was because she had nothing to do.  Well, nothing to do if you asked her.  If you asked her aunt, she would tell you quite a different story.  But for Emily, the only task she had on her list today was to escape, and having done that, she found herself quite free.               Her eyelids began to flicker under the soporific effect of the bright warm sun, and she was about to yield to the delightful sleepy feeling when something landed on her stomach with a sudden and sizably thudded oomph.               Emily’s eyelids flew open to see the smallest boy she had ever seen scrambling to get off her. ‘Oi!’ he said, looking at Emily as if she were the offender.   ‘What do you think you’re doing, laying there in the middle of the grass like that?’ Emil