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The World's Coverings

When the sun called out to the flowers, they turned up their faces and smiled. When the moon called out to the stars, they lifted their veils and shown. When the clouds called out to the sky, it covered itself in silver. And when the waters fell in the form of tears, the world sighed happily for all the wonders of its coverings.

The Stone's Travels

 Once upon a time there was a stone, which was kicked by a casual passerby.     The stone rolled and rolled and rolled, for it had been kicked from the top of a very high mountain that stood at the edge of the sea.     On the way down the mountain, the stone greeted all it passed with a clank or a rumble or a skitter, and the observers looked on, marveling at the speed with which the stone made its way.     The stone itself had little thought on the nature of its travels, it simply followed the trajectory outlined by the kicker—who in turn had no idea about the path upon which it had sent out the stone.     But when the stone made it all the way down the mountain and plunged into the sea, it felt that the journey was its own all along.

A Shock of Wonder

There was once a woman who held, in the pit of her stomach, a sense of dread. It was born of frequent sorrows and lapsed hopes, dark dreams and muddled wishes. The structure of her life had been very little changed since childhood, her days filled with patterns that were typical to the every day nature of living. But the dread within her was there nonetheless, languishing in its existence, relishing its ever-growing self that grew stronger with each moment of forgotten belief that things could be any different than what they were.             Until one day when the woman woke earlier than usual. She saw the sun rise, and the trees lighted all in rosy gold. The grass was covered in shining drops that had the look of a million diamonds. It happened all at once, where the world seemed to stop itself and breathe.             Just like that, this breath of the fantastic quashed her sense of dread as though water were poured on fire. And in that single moment, her world began to change.