And the World Woke...

The world woke blinking, and found that all was well.  The trees were green and lush, the oceans teaming and cool, the mountains high and steady.  And the people were at peace.
            But peace was dull, the people found, and so the trees were felled, the oceans emptied, the mountains set to trembling.  All tumbled and came to ruin until the day when the earth stood still, for upon it lay nothing more than bones.
            The world woke again, and all was once more set to rights.  The trees were green, the oceans cool, the mountains high.  And the people were, once more, at peace.  Yet again the people found peace dull.  Down came the trees, up rose the oceans, trembling went the mountains.  And the earth was again barren.
            Then came a day when the world woke and found the pattern broken; for every place the world looked, the earth was set askew.
            The trees were scrawny, stunted for want of worked ground, the oceans were all tumult, and the mountains wrestled to keep themselves upstanding.
            And the people, this time, they set to work. 
Their aim was peace. 
And those who found it never thought it dull.

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