The Woman in the Tower

Once upon a time a woman sat alone, locked at the top of a stone tower.

     When the people who had come to settle near the tower first approached it, they discovered her locked inside, and set about freeing her. The question as to whether she had been put there, or whether she had voluntarily ascended was to become a moot point, for when the door was finally unlocked, she refused to descend. Indeed, so often did those who wished for her liberty come to the door of the tower and try to remove her from the top most room in which she had once been locked, that, after a time, she discovered a way in which to lock herself in—and all others out.

     It is unknown how long she remained locked in the tower room, for no one could get inside to see her until a sizable knight who happened to be passing was asked to go up and use his hefty shoulder to beat down the door.

     But when he did so, it was discovered that the tower had been abandoned; the woman’s whereabouts were unknown.

      Rumor passed down through years among the women folk of the village, one that grew louder with each passing age until it formed into legend, that when the woman chose the time to free herself, she had left the tower merrily.

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