The Cutting of a Tree

There was once a house with a glorious tree outside the front of it. The tree was large, and growing ever larger, so the owners of the house considered cutting down the tree, just to make everything a little bit neater.

    On an evening when the moon rose, languid and full, it shone majestically down on the ever growing tree. The wife of the house took a look at the moon that night , and then at the tree. So perfectly did they look together, that the tree was kept in all its glory standing before the little house.

    One day, a rain storm swept about the little house and the tree. The next day huge gales came, and in a moment of sadness, the tree was struck from its roots and toppled over onto the little house.

    The wife and husband of the house came out to look at the demise of their no longer growing tree, and as the neighbours poured out and asked them if they wished that had cut it down before it could destroy their home, the couple looked at one another with small sad smiles and shook their heads. For the tree got to live out the course of its life, and they wouldn't have taken that from it for all the world.

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