Small Things

 Once upon a time there was a woman who felt broken; for the days were long, the demands great, and the reception of her work filled with mockings and scoffers.

    Thus she sat on the floor of her home and wept.

    She knew that the age of wonders and mysteries had passedshe had heard it from the men who claimed wisdom and special knowledge from their elevated platforms. But somewhere in the depths of her the idea of their truth did not ring true. And so, under the weight that bowed her body, she sat still and asked.

    A knock sounded at the door.

    Her head lifted. A heady scent came through the air.

    She answered the door to a friendly face and a steaming meal of soup and bread.

    In a moment, nothing had changed, yet everything had changed.

    All the knowledge in her mind shifted.

    And she began to heal.

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