The Few and the Many

 Once upon a time the world grew allocated in such a way that a small sliver of its people found themselves with infinite choice.

    They chose, and they chose, and they chose.

    Until it hooked into their very flesh like an addiction gone mad and ran them to misery.

    The rest of the world suffered no such fate. Indeed, it was from their labor and toil that the small sliver received the possibilities of their infinite choice. But the cost to the many was severe, and it lay in the broken and dampened bodies and minds, the poured worth that fell concentrated in the ever-font of poverty, injustice, and greed.

    It was strange, then, what happened next; for one might think it hopeless.

    But where there is time, there is hope.

    On a day that seemed as though it would be much like any other, the system shattered. It began with a smaller set within the sliver that set aside their choices, and found their misery lift. The news spread, and like stone toppling stone, choice was laid aside. Almost, the small sliver grew happy.

    Almost. And yet it was not enough to bring about full joy; choices lay about them like splintered glass, and the waste of it prevented complete reprieve.

    But then.

    The sliver gave away the choices. They spread them about the many.

    And that was the beginning of peace.

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