A Pocket Full of Stardust

 There was once a little girl who had a pocket full of stardust. Her name was Olive, and the stardust was a gift from the moonkeeper's wife who had seen Olive sing to the moon on a night when it looked sad.

    But what was Olive to do with the stardust?

    She could throw it into the air, let it cover her like a cloak, and walk about the sky, star-like, until the dust was spent. But, as wondrous as that sounded, it did not feel right in her heart.

    She could cast it on the ground, summon the stars before her, and ask them questions until the dust lost its strength. But, as satisfying as that might be, it, too, did not feel right in her heart.

    At last, when Olive had thought enough, she crept out of her window when the night was darkest, and scattered finger pinches of stardust on the doorsteps of all her neighbours.

    And as she sat back at the top of a tall tree to watch the scattered glistening patches of stardust begin to work their magic, it all felt very right in her heart.

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