Tellen Says Hello to the Sun

 Tellen was a little boy who loved the sun very much. Every morning he would stay huddled under his blankets until a ray of sunlight warmed his face, and only then would he leap out of bed and say, 'Hello sun!'

    Saying hello to the sun was only the beginning of a delightful day, spent playing in the warm light, having quick chats to the sun — who was a wonderful listener — and quietly saying goodnight as the sun slipped beyond the horizon and Tellen slipped quickly under his blankets.

    But when it rained, Tellen was very unhappy.

    There was no warmth, nothing to draw him from his blankets, and no place to play in sunbeams. On rainy days, Tellen would stare out his window with a frown on his face, and mourn that he could not see his friend.

    Then came an extraordinary day for Tellen.

    It began with a sun ray that touched his face and woke him. Tellen was delighted to see the sun, for it had rained the day before. He went to the window for his usual sunny morning greeting. But just as he was about to say hello, a dark cloud came and covered the sun. 

    A second later, the cloud had passed.

    Tellen shook his head at the strangeness of it, and then readied himself to greet the sun again.

    But then, another cloud crossed the sun's path.

    Suddenly, something dawned on Tellen. Something wonderful and amazing and marvelous.

    Tellen smiled, then, as the rain from the second cloud began to fall, and his whole world shifted.

    The next day when the rain was pouring down and he could not see the sun, Tellen got out from under his blankets and said a little more loudly than usual, 'Hello sun!' For he knew that even though there would be dark clouds with rain inside them up in the sky that day, the sun would be there behind them the whole time, and that was a very cheering thought.

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