The Bee and the Plum Tree

 When the little bee buzzed all over the flowering plum tree, she wished, just for a moment, that she could see the fruit instead of the flower.

    The bee made her way back to the hive, the thought of fruit still buzzing about her mind. 

    But there was little she could do, for her task would soon be over and her visits to the fruit trees would come to an end far before the plums would emerge from the tree. It was her job to pollinate the flowers, after all — she had nothing to do with fruit.

    But still, something inside her desperately wanted to see the plums.

    The bee wrestled with her thoughts all Spring. She told herself, again and again, that she should have nothing to do with fruit. It wasn't part of her beeness to want to see fruit! 

    But on a late Spring day, when it was almost summer, she found herself buzzing back to the fruit trees who had long lost their blossoms. She flew carefully, all alone and trying to stay hidden so that no one would see her having anything to do with a fruit tree that had no blooms.

    Then she saw it. Little plums emerging all over the fruit tree.

    It was a sight to see.

    And even if she never saw fruit on a tree again, she would remember with delight that she had seen it once.

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