The Lone Will-o'-the-Wisp

 The will-o'-the-wisp danced about the forest, not because anyone told it to, nor because it was lining up with others to draw passersby to their doom, nor because it was planning on deterring anything from its goal, but because it wanted to do so. 

    But the effect of the magic that lured the little girl away from her bedroom when she looked out her window into the dark was much the same.

    The will-o'-the-wisp led the little girl on a merry dance, here and there, and all over the forest. Perhaps they danced for miles. Perhaps they only spun in circles again and again and again.

    Then again, perhaps the will-o'-the-wisp only danced about, and the little girl merely followed.

    And when morning dawned, and the wisp winked and went out, the little girl only found herself in bed with a memory in her mind that she had just had the loveliest night.

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