What the Mouse Whispered in the Ear of a Dragon

 There was once a mouse who asked to take on a dragon that was a horrible menace to her village. The dragon was a fearsome beast, who liked been really scary, so much so that he would take to flying as close as he could to the villagers until they could feel the heat of his fire on their backs. The dragon also liked treasure, and so, threatening to burn their homes if they didn't do as he asked, he would take as much of the silverware and the jewels that the villagers had for his own.

    When the mouse told the village that she wanted to take on the dragon, they all laughed at her.

    What, they said, could a mouse do to frighten a dragon? How could the mouse even fight with her little paws?

    But the mouse was resolute, and regardless of the village's chortles, she climbed up on the dragon's back when he wasn't looking. Before he could suspect her presence, she whispered in his ear.

    Then the dragon flew away.

    'What did you whisper?' the villagers asked the mouse, for they could hardly believe that the menacing dragon would trouble them no longer.

    'I told him that love was a far scarier thing, and a much more satisfying treasure than silver or jewels will ever be,' said the mouse.

    And the village never saw the dragon again.

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