When You Wish on All the Stars...

 Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to wish on all the stars. It was short-sighted, she thought, to wish on just one of them, because the wish that she had brimming inside of her was too special for just one star. So special, too, that it didn’t seem right to leave out any of the stars from her wishing — all the stars deserved to hear her wish..

            The little girl chose her night carefully, waiting until the sky was so dark and so clear that all the hosts of stars that seemed like a million galaxies lit up the sky like shockingly bright fireflies.

            Then she leaned out her window, fixed her eyes on all the stars, and wished as fiercely as she could.

            What was her wish? you might ask.

            I must answer you clearly: we'll never know. For another’s wish is always a secret between the wisher and the stars.

            But was it answered? you might persist.

            Of course! After all, she had asked all the stars.

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