The Purple Moon

 There was once a little girl who decided to visit the moon. She took a passing ship that stopped kindly outside her window, and set off. But when she arrived, the moon was nothing like how she imagined it would be. 

    Instead of being white or grey or blotchy-somewhere-inbetween, it was covered in a forest — and it was purple.

    The trees and leaves and shrubs, even the path on the ground, were all kinds of purple. She saw ants that were purple. There were butterflies, and flies, and honey bees — all purple. There was even a cat up a tree with a grin spread so wide across teeth so shiny that the little girl could see her face in them.

    When she had seen her fill of purple things, she went back to the ship that sailed again, bound for her bedroom window.

    And as she lay in bed a moment later and looked at the moon, thinking of all the purple things she had seen, she thought that it very strange that nothing is very much like what it seems.

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