The Tired Apple Tree

 The leaves on the trees of a lone apple tree were crinkled and speckled brown. This was because they were tired. Year after year they produced many apples. Year after year they went uneaten. 

    It was the kind of thing that wore as the years went on, for apple trees are made to make apples with the hope that someone will eat them. But this apple tree was tucked so far away, that even the birds could not make the journey. And this year, as the tree grew more tired and the leaves more brown, all that remained on its branches were a few withered apples.

    One day a small hermit made her way to the far away place where the apple tree lived. She was so tired and so hungry, having walked a very long way and having run out of food, that she ate every single withered apple that remained on the tree.

    She smiled on the tree that had fed her, and patted its trunk.

    'Cheer up, old apple tree,' she said with a wink. 'You have an audience, now'

    The hermit then made her way to a nearby cave, and settled in to live.

    Slowly the apple tree straightened its leaves, and let the green seep into them. It plucked up its branches and made an effort to dig its roots deep into the earth. And if an apple tree could smile, it would have, for it had someone to feed.

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