A Leap Beyond the Spinning World

 Once upon a time the world spun so fast that it was nearly impossible to get off it. I say nearly. Which is to say: there was a way. A small thing, really. A trick of the mind. For if one were able to conjure an image, a recollection, a tale, it was just possible one might be able to leap beyond the world's grasp.

    One might, perhaps, be swept gently up into the ether of something else entirely and placed down carefully. Into a place filled with marvels. A whole new universe.

    What is this conjuring? What kind of leap? I hear you ask.

    It was nothing so complex.

    Nothing exactly unreal.

    Only, it took a fall of hubris, a tentative humility—and this is where difficulties arose. For how uncomplicatedly complex is a fall from pride?

    But, come, dear reader, and understand this: conceit was tossed into the void by those who succeeded.

    Minds were allowed to work as nature intended.

    And in such a way, did those who conjured and leapt venture beyond the chaotic whirl.

    All it took was a dream. A moment's fancy. A flight of imagination. And off they went into wonder.

    I say once upon a time. Which is to say: it was as true then as it is now.

    So conjure well, my dear friend, and then your can step off the spinning world.

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