Her Own Voices

 The woman was desperate. Her head hurt and spun in equal measure.

    It was the noises.

    The world was too loud. Far too loud.

    It must come as no surprise that she sold her ears to the Reaper Man, though it took half a life-time for her to develop the terms of the sale. It was one of those offers that came only once in a life, a continued existence where the only voices she would hear in her own mind were those of her choosing. For the time had come at long last where the woman realized that the choice to listen lay entirely within her grasp. Only, she had to make the deal, and strike the bargain.

    When she came to terms with it, it was nothing more than a simple exchange; she offered to go when He came for her without a fuss.

    And when he saw her again at the end of her life, there were no regrets. 

    For she had lived half a lifetime with nothing more than her own voices.


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