'There Are Wizards Up There'

A woman went walking in the wood one day. It was a thing she had not done since she was a child. Weeks of a tiring, soulless existence had turned into years, and somehow she believed in the depths of her that it would all change with a single walk in the wood. But even as she walked amongst the trees, the world seemed the same - tiring and soulless. And then she turned the corner, only to find a little girl tiptoeing along the path.

    The little girl started when she saw the woman. Then she brought a finger to her lips.

    'Be quiet,' the little girl whispered.

    The woman bent her body slightly, hunched her shoulders, and whispered back, 'Why?'

    'There are wizards up there,' the girl returned softly, pointing up the fern-strewn hill that lay next to the path. 

    The woman's face went solemn then. Her feet moved of their own accord, arching and heightened on the tips of her own toes.

    The little girl nodded with approval.

    Suddenly they understood each other perfectly, the little girl and the woman.

    It would not do to disturb the wizards.

    As the woman tiptoed away, she felt the stress of all her life slip from her shoulders. The scales fell from her eyes, and she smiled.

    After all, why wouldn't she? She was walking through a forest with wizards.

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