The Witch

 There's always an old witch when the Fae fight. Because there must be.

    She knows things.

    Like how to make a poultice. How to keep a wound clean.

    And the time of your death.

    The later being something only a certain kind of immortal wants to know. 

    She doesn't take sides, this Fae witch. If you ask her why, she would say because she has lived too long. But no one has ever asked. They hate her just enough to keep from asking questions. But little enough to keep using her skill.

    She works about her visitors like chaos moving through entropy - confusing, but pointedly there. She doesn't ask questions either. There's no point in an eternal war among immortals.

    But she doesn't always have visitors.

    And when she doesn't, peace settles on her shoulders like a hero's mantel.

    Which could never happen if she chose sides.


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