A Potent Curative

There was once a woman filled with all kinds of wondrous intentions. Her heart longed to be filled with pity and compassion and delight and joy. But she was tired. 

    And so, her story was a heart filled only with longing.

    There was once a man who wanted nothing more than to be kind. His heart desired nothing less than altruistic endeavors where all of his selfish wants and desires would slip away like smoke. But he was tired.

    And so, his story was a heart of only wants and desires.

    There was once another woman who was granted grace. Her story was different.

    There was once another man who was granted grace. His story was different, too.

    The difference was this: from grace came rest, from rest came good hearts, from good hearts came noble deeds. And when the man and the woman gave grace to other tired people, the world, as if by magic, began a far better story.

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