Anyone to Tea

Once upon a time a young woman lived in the forest. She made herself a home there, and though it was simply put together, she was happy to have anyone to tea.

    Simplicity made it a lovely place to take tea. It was filled with all the wonder of the forest: welcoming rooms of perfect moss and wood, curious windows that looked out onto views filled with forest wonder, places for dancing, places for reading, and, of course, a marvelously golden room that hosted a large silver teapot perfect for afternoon guests.

    A fell wind came through the forest one night and crumpled her home to the ground.

    The rooms were felled by broken trees, the windows crushed to powder, and the silver teapot destroyed beyond repair. No room, no wall, no decor stood between her and the forest.

    Scrounging through the rubble, the woman found an unblemished pot - a saucepan made for stirring small portions of savory nothings. 

    She filled the pot with water, built a fire amongst the ruins of her home, and set the pot to boil. 

    Then, in the middle of the forest, she made tea.

    Simplicity made it a lovely place to take tea, she thought.


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