The Old Badger and the Very Little Fox

 Once upon a time there was a fox's den in which lived a very little fox. The very little fox was all alone in the world. He spent his days wondering what the outside was like, only he was too afraid to leave the den because he was just that little.

    One day, an old badger ambled by the fox den and heard the very little fox making very little noises. The old badger saw that the very little fox was all alone, and so invited him for tea out of pity.

    The tea was a splendid affair, and included all the best the old badger had to offer. She gave the very little fox buttered crumpets and muffins and three kinds of biscuits and berry tea with lots of cream and sugar. But it wasn't the tea that made the afternoon splendid, for the very little fox was silly and made the old badger laugh so hard that berry tea came out her nose. The very little fox loved making the badger laugh, and loved being outside, so much so that he could not stop smiling. This, too, delighted the old badger. And when evening arrived and it might have been time to say farewell, the old badger invited the very little fox to stay — not out of pity, but out of friendship.

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